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Andres Sarda

Runway and model photos from the Andres Sarda collection at the Miami Fashion Week taken by Fashion Photographer James Santiago.

Andres Sarda founded his iconic lingerie & swimwear line under his name in 1962 in his native Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by the idea to transform the look and feel of women’s underwear concept from unattractive to sensual, Sarda revolutionized the aesthetics of women’s lingerie design by his innovative use of fabrics with Lycra, Nylon and Teflon in his lace manufacturing. The result of his creative genius prompted Sarda to achieve wide success in the fashion world and his fine delicate garments gave women the luxurious experience they craved. In the 1980s, Andre Sarda’s daughter, Nuria Sarda, joined the family business and gathered deep knowledge of the design of the brand from her father. Nuria gained experience from managing the retail and global market as manager of the prestigious Eurocorset boutique and it proved advantageous when she became the creative designer of the Andres Sarda brand in 1998. Keeping with the vision her father had for the Andres Sarda brand, Nuria Sarda continues to realize the concept of creativity, quality and functionality that distinguishes the Andres Sarda collections. With Nuria Sarda as Creative Director, the Andres Sarda brand was named 2014 Designer of the Year at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. This May, Andres Sarda will unveil its Fall/Winter 2014-2015 lingerie and swimwear collection at the runways of Miami Fashion Week.
Like any fashion event, it’s just as much about the parties, models, and photographers, the red carpet and the street fashion as it is the runway. Miami Beach’s club, venues and hip eateries are packed with the jet-set crew of models, editors, photographers, writers and designers.

Andres Sarda  – Photographer Page
Andres Sarda – Photographer Page