Runway and model photos from the Belluso Swimwear collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim by Fashion Photographer James Santiago.

Belusso is a line of swimwear and cover-ups designed to fit perfectly into a laid-back luxe lifestyle. The most spectacular Belusso swimsuits, known simply as “Lusso”, are embellished with 14k gold and semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, which adds up to the most beautiful, most luxurious bathing suit ever made.

With an uncompromising eye for fit, luxurious fabrics, and an ability to marry fashion trends to the resort lifestyle, Belusso’s head designer, Kirsten Ehrig-Sarkisian, insists that her line not patronize women’s fashion sense when it comes to what to wear to the beach or pool.

Kirsten has often been quoted as saying, “I insist on the best from all of my accessories, why wouldn’t I expect the same from my swim and resort wear?” As a result, Belusso tunics and cover-ups are always made from the best imported silks, cottons and cotton voiles from Italy and around the world. The designs are more fashion than beach and are certainly not an afterthought thrown into a swim collection, as happens so often with swimwear companies.