Victoria’s Secret’s Angels was the original name of one of the lingerie lines which came out in 1997.

The name Angels was only selected for that particular line and at first did not have anything to do with actual models. Once the line began to become increasingly popular, the models who were contracted to represent the line were know as Angels themselves.

The wings are a by product of the line, as is the horse and player of Ralph Lauren’s line Polo. There is however, a fashion sense to the wing used in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS). The elegant wing that are produced for the VSFS, which can take up to months to finish, have become what many are awaiting during the show. It adds to the theatrics of the entire show just as much as the Fantasy Bra.

The “Angels” of VSFS are not connected to any mythological or biblical angels, just as the gold Medusa Head logo of Versace is not intentionally tied to Greek Mythology. (It happened to be an emblem Versace saw on the mansion in Miami Beach he lived in.) I have heard speculation of VSFS dealing in Paganism and Idolatry pulled from reverse engineered bible scriptures, But that is pure rumor and zealot speculation. Victoria’s Secret Angels wings are only fashion and marketing.