Everyone knows that Victoria’s Secret Models are beautiful, with great bums, and nice figures. There are many women who want to know what their secrets are. But that is a Secret that Victoria does not keep for them. VS models workout like many other beautiful figured women who know what mix of excersize to look great without getting to sinewy or bulky.

–Alessandra Ambrosio, frequents spinning classes, to maintain her beautiful figure and legs. She sprinkles in some low-impact sculpting excersizes.

–Lily Aldridge does yoga in the morning. She also, just like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne, goes for boxing sessions at Gotham Gym for light weight training some rounds of sparring.

–Gisele Bündchen does cardio-workouts most of the week with a few days being dedicated to Anusara yoga.

–Some of the VS models such as, Miranda Kerr and Isabela Fontana, use ballet for sculpting. Ballet poses and movements can target certain muscles like the triceps, adductors, abductors to help tone and accentuate the shape of the body.

As I mentioned in another post, How do Calvin Klein models train?, a good blend of Pilates, yoga, and/or calisthenics that work the core small muscle groups are good for not buling up to much. And nothing beats good old fashion cadio-workouts which burn calories and maintain muscle durring a modeling career. But it is good to mix up your workouts so that the body does not get bored.

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