The chance of becoming a famous model are very slim as the modeling industry is very small in comparison whit other career choices. It is easier to become a famous actor or singer/musician than it would to become a famous model. The only difference is that modeling is based more on looks than talent.The main factor to harbor your success as a famous model would be your agency. It is impossible for anyone to become a famous model without an agency. Thats not to say every model must have an agency to work, but to reach a level of “stardom” you would have to be represented by an agency which has the clients and connections to help you reach that level. But if you have what it takes, getting an agency to represent you will be the easy part.

Your odds will increase if you are inside of the industry already. And if you are not yet in the industry your chances will be better if you live in the areas where your chance of getting discovered are higher. New York, LA, Miami, London, etc. But there have been many many supermodels who have been discovered in the rarest places. Gisele Bundchen was discovered inside of a McDonald’s in Brazil. And in most cases models were discovered without ever thinking they would be a model. Daria Webowry still can not believe that she is a supermodel.The bad news is that there is not a whole lot that one can do in order to become a famous model. There is no school, no effort, and no magic guidelines to help anyone. (Except maybe become BFFs with Taylor Swift) It is a click with the public and the industry that will lead to your success as a famous supermodel.

Gig Hadid with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit