You know, I usually see answers that say, “Go out and shoot”. And while this is one of my own common answers, I would say that you would have to know what a good shot is first. I mean if you just go out and shoot for years, how would that develop a skill? You have to define what what kind of photography it is you want to shoot and look at works of that kind of photography. For example I have been in the fashion industry for so long and knew what is “accepted” kind of fashion photography, Then when I actually started shooting it was much easier as I only had to practice using the technical parts of the camera and practice getting used to light values and settings. But there are some guys with cameras who want to shoot girls and models but don’t know much about posing, modeling, nor fashion. If you are interested in nature photography, architectural photography, or wedding photography, your skill will have different non technical aspects that you will have to learn.