The John Casablancas Modeling & Career Centers, in actuality, do not have much of a reputation inside the industry. For many people who are trying to enter the industry they have a mixed reputation leaning more towards the scam side it. Inside the industry, they are NOT an agency. They have no direct influence in the larger portion of the industry nor do they claim to have any. They are a business and their business model is to attract students like any other school or career center.

Any acting classes, community college, or career center you attend cannot promise anything because in the end, it is about the individual. If you pay to go to Le Cordon Blue but can not cook so well, your chances of making it at a 5 star restaurant are slim. The same goes for modeling. You can learn how to model, but if you dont have the look required by the industry, you wont make it there either. A school is not going to determine if you would fit nor tell you you can’t make it as a model. That’s up to the individual.

John Casablancas only provides “tools” for individuals to improve themselves for the industry (I snicker to myself as I write that). But then this same scam theory could also apply to ballet, horseback lessons, hockey, or anything where parents have to throw money at something their kids want to do. Why spend money for a teen to play hockey, and when they don’t make the NHL, no one screams scam. There is no educational requirement for modeling nor will it have ANY sway to ones getting into the industry if they have JCMCC on their resume. Is it a scam? No Is it necessary? Not at all. Will they accept a parents money to their teen who wants to be a model? Of course they would.