From having had a look at this topic from the inside, I would say the number one item on a models plate is the jealousy. I have heard time and time again about the models significant other being jealous. Mostly from jealousy due to fears that they will leave them for another model/industry associate or jealousy of time management. “You don’t spend enough time with me.” And with the successful models there is the issue about income as they usually end up earning more than their significant others. Even Gisele Bundchen earns $16 million more per year than NE Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady. But this complaint is usually with the models who are with their pre-modeling BF’s.That being said, the reality is that the majority of models have no specific requirements for the people they date. They are free to date who they want. Most prefer to date someone who has less time restrictions than they would for obvious reasons, but as with any job or career, one does sometimes date someone from the same industry as they are around those types of people more often.Here is another added bonus to dating outside the fashion industry. A model may feel more unique dating outside the industry. I myself have been married three times, twice to models, and they always felt more desired by non-fashionistas as if to have a model around you is some grand thing. Sorry that I don’t feel the same way, but I guess I have gotten immune. But they sometimes feel that dating a regular Joe so to speak would make them feel a bit more desired. SMH. Those are the only things different that I have noticed, the rest is the normal and complicated things that any couple goes through.

Source: What’s it like for a fashion model to date someone not in the fashion industry? – Quora