Well I guess most people have redefined what anorexic-looking is. To me anorexic looking means that one has to have the appearance of deteriorating muscles. And most models do not have that appearance. I have been asked this question by a feminist about a picture of mine. The said model was just naturally thin skateboarder who like to smoke weed. She had no diet, drank alcohol and partied. Like any 18 year old does ?

Anorexic looking models are extremely rare in reality. If you goolge image search it you may find some examples but the truth is stretched out of proportion. Just like there are people who are obese, there are people who are skinny and have gaps between their legs. I myself would NEVER shoot a girl who looked anorexic as I think it looks disgusting and sickly. I would shoot plus size models but not anyone who is obese. To say supermodels look anorexic is like saying that plus size girls look obese and that is not fair.

This is a photo of someone battles with anorexia nervosa and hence looks anorexic. She is not signed with any modeling agency nor would she be.

This is Jaqueline L. 18 year old from Florida who has no specific diet, eats junk food, and loves to skate board. Not anorexic at all, naturally thin, yes, but not anorexic looking!